3 Skills To Get a Boyfriend

3 Skills To Get a Boyfriend

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3 Skills To Get a Boyfriend 3 Skills To Get a Boyfriend 3 Skills To Get a Boyfriend

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To add to that, once you’ve learned them, you cannot unlearn them. It will stick to you for the rest of your life and super-charge your social life with the traits that allow you to perfectly blend with any social situation and eventually get the man you want.
**(What skills required to get a boy-friend) ?
**(How to get ex boyfriend back) ?

**10 steps to get a boyfriend

• Are there any causes you strongly believe in?

• Are you a member of any societies or or associations?

• Are you a people's person or do you prefer your own company?

• Are you a virgin? If not, how old were you when you lost your virginity?

• Are you addicted to anything?

• Are you afraid of ghosts?

• Are you afraid of heights?

• Are you short tempered?
• Can you dance? Do you like dancing?

• Can you keep a secret?
• Do you believe in life afther death?

• Do you believe in marriage? Why?

• Do you believe in monogamy?

• Do you consider yourself a neat or messy person?

• Do you consider yourself lazy?

• Do you drink?

• Do you have a role model?

• Do you have any siblings? If yes, are they older/younger to you? Are they male or female?

• Do you have many friends? Are you in touch with friends from school/college? How close are

• Do you like cooking?

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