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Party like never before!
Out of ideas for fun parties?
Well, here’s an idea: take some sexy truth or dares and a couple of open-minded friends, wet it with homemade cocktails, some good music and turn on the party. It’s going to be a night to remember! Get rid of all the inhibitions and join the best party ever! Be the one whom they will always remember! Be the one who threw the most awesome party!
This app will ensure the success of any party. We offer you a set of original truth or dares especially made for those who want to have some sexy fun and get their party on fire. This is the hottest thing to do this summer (besides going to the seaside and sunbathing).
Just shake it and turn on the fun! Turn yourself on for party! Shake and see what destiny brings this night! Play with a couple of friends or with your loved one! Get some adrenaline into that body!
Sometimes life gets in the way of our having fun: stressful jobs, overpopulated cities and, as if it wasn’t enough, the economical crisis that struck us all. Escape all these for one night at least. Gather a handful of good friends and write a new episode of your fun lives. Make sure that everyone will take a silence vow, because things are going to be dirty!
Did you know that every relationship and every friendship gets stuck, at some point, a rut? And nobody makes an exception, not even the most passionate couple, not even the greatest love, not even novel-like friendships. And when this day comes, you need to resurrect your relationship and bring back good old times with your friends. This Truth or Dare game is perfect for making new memories! Just try it!
We bet you’ve always wanted to be the funny one in your group of friends. Now you can be who you want to be, by simply installing an app on your phone and bringing it to a party. Everybody will love you and you will be the mastermind of a great party night, the first of many to come…
Would you like to see if you get lucky with that hot girl everyone desires? Or maybe you would like to have some sexy fun? Well, the nice, old Truth or Game has now suffered a change of look. And a drastic one. The kiss on the cheek has become a naughty dare and the dancing on a cheesy song is now dancing naked! It’s 2012, people! And they’ve announced the end of the world! Twice! Wouldn’t you like to seize the day and enjoy yourself to the maximum?
Shake it and take boredom off long summer nights. Shake it and break the rules. Shake it and become the perfect party host. It’s easy and fun and it is a sure way to…light the fire in anyone. Just try to be open-minded and think outside of the box. Sprinkle that with a bit of creativity and you’ve got yourself stories to tell in your memoir book.
Escape the routine in your relationship. Why? Because routine leads to unsatisfactory sex lives and sex is very important in a relationship. Add a bit of salt and pepper for a perfect sex recipe. Reinvent yourself: be playful, hot and irresistible in bed. With this set of Truth or Dares, it is impossible to not have fun with your partner. Caution! It can lead to an explosion of passion!
From now on, you’ll know all the secrets. Truth or Dare? Well, these truths will certainly be at least a bit uncomfortable. And these dares will set your house on fire. They will feed your fantasies and make you and your friends become closer than ever. They will change the way you look at them and the way they look at you. Get rid of all the insecurities; get free from your prejudices. And have amazing fun doing it.
Download now and party hard!

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