Adult truth and dare

Adult truth and dare

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Author: Aircraft Style

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Adult truth and dare Adult truth and dare Adult truth and dare Adult truth and dare

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Here's what our users say:
- "Great! I love this app. It is fun to play at parties, with friends, or with your bf/gf."
- "Well developed. Has been a great app for a long time, is constantly improved/updated and is very versatile in terms of how 'intense' the games are. Also really easy to use and a great range of dares."
- "Seriously Good This was great for a double date I went on! We had so much fun using this one app!"
- "Brilliant Huge hit at parties!"
- "Fabulous! Android's best truth or dare app. Plenty of truths and dares, so you can keep playing for hours. I love the option to select how dirty you want them to be."
- "Had a terrific time playing with my husband!"
Truth or Dare is a classic game (like Spin the Bottle) which involves either answering a question (Truth) or doing something fun (Dare). With this simple concept, watch how quickly you start to have FUN!
* Hundreds of truths & dares
* Add your own truth and dares!
* Deeply customizable
* Play clean dares with family and friends

- Try Truth or Dare at your next slumber or birthday party.
- If you're hanging out with your friends and getting bored, open up Truth or Dare for instant fun.
- When you're on a date with that cutie pie, Truth or Dare can help you break the ice.
- If you're looking to spend quality time with your boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse, Truth or Dare is a great "social lubricant".
- Truth or Dare is perfect for holidays like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve
- You can play Truth or Dare at a bar as a drinking game with your friends,
- Or try playing with that special someone if you REALLY want to get to know them
- And there are a hundred other ways you can put this classic game to use!
So, what are you waiting for? Install now!

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