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Advance Ringer Pro is an app that can set your phone's future profile. As we all know, we can set our mobile pnone's condition. For example. Now you are having a meeting, you you change you phone condition into silent. When somebody call you or seng you massenge, you can not be stooped by their ring. But this function is nou stonger enough compared with our Advance Ringer Pro app. With oue app, you can set several future ring condition!
Mothods of stting os very easy! Open this ring app, appear a pink page. on the top was two button in which you can fill the time you want to chang a condition. Below them are four chioces list:ring&vibrate,,ring only,vibrate only and silent.
A ringtone or ring tone is the sound made by a telephone to show incoming calls or messages. Not literally a tone nor an actual (bell-like) ring anymore, the term is mostly used today to present customizable sounds used on mobile phones.

k radios. A progressive alarm clock, still new in the market, can have different alarms for different times Many modern televisions and cell phones have alarm clock functions to turn on or make sounds at special times.

A monotonic ring tone is just a series of musical notes, one note at a time.

A polytonic ring tone consists of several notes at a time. The first polytonic ring tones used sequenced recording methods such as MIDI. Such recordings specify what synthetic instrument should play a note at a given time, and the actual instrument sound was dependent on the playback device. Later, synthesized instruments could be included along with the composition data, which allowed for more varied soundings beyond the built-in sound bank of every phone.

A truetone (also known as "realtone", "mastertone", or "audio recording") is simply an audio recording, typically in common formats such as MP3 or AAC. Truetone, which is often excerpts from songs, have become popular like ring tones. The first truetone service was started by au on December 2002. "My Gift to You" by Chemistry was the first song to be distributed as a truetone.

Video Ringtone
The video ringtone is a piece of video content used as a ringtone (typically on 3G telephones). Any video may be used, but usually music video excerpts are used. The best examples of these use sound and video track that loops seamlessly. It is possible for us to use personalized video ringtones against contacts in the phone to provide video and audio Caller Identification.

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