Aipai waiting 08

Aipai waiting 08

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Aipai waiting 08 Aipai waiting 08 Aipai waiting 08 Aipai waiting 08

Description for Aipai waiting 08

A series of site feel "the idle full" super original standby is idle and the idle of 1,800 !
Theme of this app in Place is "waiting". 100 sheets can be viewed!

And the series is far from Moe [? ;
Approximately 54,000 photos from my idle about 1,800 people of various genres prominent, core user of a total of 300,000 "sprout here! Is an aggregation of the parts of the body of a woman named ".

In the series, under milk, constriction, nape of the neck from the site of an orthodox, such as the thigh, collarbone, armpit, Sitting girl, was our choice from the image of the idol that the core parts such as foot up. By far from is also the site of more than 1,000 pieces! !
In one app is available free of No.1 ~ No.100 to list within the app.

This application will go to access the latest material on the net to after startup. We recommend that you visit at a good radio wave condition.

In addition, the image recording the image may suffer in the other series for the image by the user choice. Please consent.

Far from such as requests for The "official site filled with idle" are accepted by e-mail to info of.

Official site filled with idle

‚óŹ operating environment
Android 2.3 or more
adbe AIR2.5 or more

* Behavior of the tablet can not be guaranteed because it created in the smartphone-based

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