AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting)

AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting)

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AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting) AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting) AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting) AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting) AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting)

Description for AK47 M16 Sniper Home(shooting)

AK47 M16 Sniper Home is the best gun app out there for gun lovers because tons of guns are included!

AK47 M16 Sniper Home is specifically designed for all gun lovers. A great number of very cool guns can be browsed and seen pictures here.

This app is the best gun app on the Android Market, and will only get better with your input! We'd love to hear from you, post in the comments.

1. It can let you experience these guns on your smart mobile phone.

2. It has a very realistic fire sound effect and vibration.

3. It let you shooting moving targets just like CS.

4. It supports to let you participate in an event or campaign. But you must be a VIP.

5. It also let you try some cold weapons.

We plan to release new features regularly, including a shooting range / gun range, , user-submitted guns, and more. This app is already awesome and will be even more with your 5-star ratings and comments!

Have you wanted to try the AK-47? Immediately known to those who don't even know guns, the AK-47 is used for good and bad across the world daily. Very widely used, this gun can be purchased inexpensively. Because of its inexpensiveness and reliability, this gun is favored by many a soldier. Nearly impossible to disable, this gun only stops when it runs out of ammo.

AK47 M16 Sniper Home is a gun game app which is the best for android. You can experience various guns and they all come from different countries. You know that all the guns can give you a different feeling when you grasp it in hand.

Do you know the Browning Hi-Power? It is John Browning's final handgun design. This gun is still in production, and is used by law enforcement, police, and military all over the world. It was the first high-capacity staggered magazine handgun. Inspiration for many other successful guns.

AK47 M16 Sniper Home is a cool shooting game and you can play it at any time and any place. You can feel the realistic sound of a gun and you can participate in a real fight. If you want to use a sword fighting with you enemy, you can do it in this app.

The M16 rifle is the US military's version of the AR-15 rifle. Shoots both semi-auto and full-auto. Used in the Vietnam War, this family of guns is still widely used by the American military forces around the world.

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