Downloads: 10,000 - 50,000

Price: FREE

Votes: 97

Author: EISYS, INC.


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Almight Almight Almight Almight Almight Almight

Description for Almight

Almight is an app that let you enjoy novels and adventure games instantly on your smartphone!

[Bundled games]

*Maid Detectives Dille & Elle*

Saito, an undistinguished high-school boy, finds a part-time job in a maid detective agency!?
Is he able to respond to a client's request with Dille and Elle, two beautiful maid-uniform-wearing girls?
And the fate of his love...?

*Play Time*

Yui, a college girl, went to a junior high school reunion, and found herself trapped in a reserved room in the basement of a hotel with her ex-classmates.
Then they heard a strange voice, coming seemingly out of nowhere: "well now, let's begin our fun game."

One by one, they become victims of the "game." Can Yui find a way out!?

* To start the application, you need to have an SD card (or other storage device) with 50MB free space or more.
*Not compatible with tablet computers.

* For more details about how to play the game, please visit
* Contact info: [email protected]

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