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Anime Trap

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Author: The Doppler FX

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Anime Trap Anime Trap Anime Trap Anime Trap Anime Trap Anime Trap

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★★★★★50% off for the full version!!!! Purchase it from the App and enjoy of hot extra content plus no ads for only usd $0.99★★★★★

Anime Trap was based on the original game JezzBall, yes the arcade game lot's of us enjoyed when we were kids but with a fun anime theme and more user friendly. You will get 24 fun levels to play with, and another twelve stages with great level tone pictures.

We have seen lots of other applications based on Jezzbal, never the less we thought most of them luck of heart just basic functionality. Well we tried to give Anime Trap something a little bit different, not only giving you the gameplay of JezzBall but also animations, score you may share if you like, a gallery of the wining stages and more.

I hope you enjoy it!

In Anime Trap you will have eat literally the screen (the play area), over 75% of it using a nice fellow we named "Payero". But you will not be alone, there will be enemies that are bouncing non stop, and if you get cough by them, game over my friend.

When you accomplish the percentage requested by the level you are currently playing, you will be able to advance to the next play area. Each stage has a established difficulty, as you complete them, the levels are more and more difficult. Try to get three stars with out been destroyed by the enemies!


+ Anime Trap is based on the original game JezzBall
+ Great game play
+ Spectacular Anime pictures with each level
+ Gallery with all the pictures of the stages you have won
+ Automatic saving of all games in progress. Stop and continue whenever you want to!
+ Integration with Facebook and Twitter to share your score
+ Local high score lists!
+ Automatic Level records. All your best statistics are saved on each and every level you complete.
+ 12 more levels for those who want to challenge them self's and see very hot anime girls.

* TWITTER: @thedopplerfx
* SUPPORT: [email protected]

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