Astounding Ash Teaser Lite

Astounding Ash Teaser Lite

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Astounding Ash Teaser Lite Astounding Ash Teaser Lite Astounding Ash Teaser Lite Astounding Ash Teaser Lite

Description for Astounding Ash Teaser Lite

Aishwarya Rai Bacchan one of Bollywood's eminent leading lady's is often cited as the 'most beautiful woman in the world!' Now won't you want this gorgeous diva in your mobile to see as and when your heart desires?

This model turned actress is the epitome of beauty. Each image of Aishwarya used in this game exudes a unique radiance and a bubbly cheer. All images are of astounding and will look amazing on all kinds of try it out NOW!!

This peppy 'Teaser' game will cheer you up any and every time you play it! Just guide the red ball to uncover an image of this absolute heavenly beauty!

● Clear the covered Picture, by guiding the red ball.

● Avoid the blue killer balls that move in random directions, to save your life – a collision with them will make you loose 1 chance.

● To reveal the picture you need to cut the covered image into sections by directing the ball using the given controls.

● You get 5 lives to complete the game, after every collision, the game will continue from where you left it.

● There are extra lives and speed bonuses – grab those but stay clear of the slow speed obstacle.

● The killer moving balls get more intensive with each increasing level.

● The first two levels may be a cakewalk but the last three will force you to move strategically and act fast.

● The faster you complete the levels the higher your score will be.

● Each level will uncover a different image of Astounding Ash!

This app features the most glamorous babe on the planet, wearing in sultry dresses, just for your viewing pleasure!
Ash's striking beauty, poise and commanding intelligence will make you a fan of hers if you are not one already!!

So start playing this super addictive game and get this hot, steamy babe to live in your mobile forever!!

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