Banned Weddings Exposed!

Banned Weddings Exposed!

Downloads: 1,000 - 5,000

Price: FREE

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Author: Oxegen Entertainment LLC.


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Banned Weddings Exposed! Banned Weddings Exposed! Banned Weddings Exposed! Banned Weddings Exposed!

Description for Banned Weddings Exposed!

Weddings are always great! Especially for the Bride! But when things go wrong or your friends are pulling pranks on your wedding, then we love to share it! If you love wedding moments and pictures then you will love "Extreme Expose It! Banned Wedding Portraits!"

Its awesome pics of wedding events in the craziest situations will make you laugh in hysteria! We promise! Just feel great these never occurred on your wedding. Better yet, just prevent it from happening to your future wedding!

Lots of gameplay and awesome images we are sure you will be spending more time with this app than actually planning your wedding!!

Gameplay is very simple and easy to learn in the first 10 seconds! Great for everyone!

You must reveal the image hidden behind the mask.
You control the icon by swiping up, down, left or right anywhere on the screen. Create and connect your exposure lines to other ends of the frame.
There are BADDIES in the area so watch out! Avoid them when drawing your exposure line across the screen.


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And sooo many more!

Enjoy all the entertainment applications out there from your favorite developer
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