Bar Flirt

Bar Flirt

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Bar Flirt Bar Flirt Bar Flirt Bar Flirt Bar Flirt

Description for Bar Flirt

Bar Flirt is a puzzle game in which you will play the role of a guy who is trying to get the attention of a hot girl.
The action takes place in a bar and you have to plan your every move if you want to end up with the girl.

The game is timed, but you won't be able to act rapidly if you don't know what you're doing.There is only one screen and the entire action of Hot Date takes place here.You can click on various items and use the results to your advantage.Basically, the woman you are trying to approach is already having fun with a guy and a second man is also interested in making a move.You will have to use everything you can to eliminate the competition and get the girl.There is only one string of actions which can be executed if you want to finish the game,so you better do it right.Basically, you can get rid of the first guy by turning his attention to the waitress. After that, you just have to pull a little trick and the second guy will go home. In the end, you need to come up with a strategy that will make the hot girl fall into your arms!

There are around 20 actions which you need to trigger in game if you want to finish the game. The sooner you figure out the right order, the higher your score. A good indicator that you are on the right track is getting points after making a move.

How to play:
Click around, solve the puzzles and find the right sequence for success. Good luck!

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