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Be Yourself Seduction

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Be Yourself Seduction Be Yourself Seduction Be Yourself Seduction Be Yourself Seduction Be Yourself Seduction

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You CAN attract sexy, fun-loving, interesting women -- total "10's" -- WITHOUT any of the difficulties of traditional dating or "pick-up" game.

★ Step-by-step guides of REAL pick-ups. These are my BEST stories -- many are legendary!

★ How to have IRON CLAD confidence, so that women know EXACTLY who you are and become attracted to YOU ... not some "avatar" or phoney personality you "put on" for a Friday night.

★ Why beautiful women are rejected MORE OFTEN than you are ... (This is MIND-BENDING stuff)

★ The Infamous "Toll Booth Method". How I go from meeting a hot girl -- to having her drag me.

★ The #1 place women go when they are looking for a man (and it's free). This is a scientifically proven hot spot most men are totally unaware of.

★ How to never feel rejection again. A tip for having a near-100% success rate when approaching a woman.

★ 3 things you should NEVER to say to a woman (this will KILL the mood immediately) ... and what to say instead.

★ How to get away with CRAZY stuff -- such as getting a woman's phone number with her boyfriend standing beside her, dumbfounded!

★ Why you might be CREEPING women out, and what to do about it. (Many guys have told me this was THE most valuable part of the book.)

★ The secret to having attractive women do things for YOU -- that means, buy you drinks, cook for YOU, give you gifts, whatever you'd like. There's a trick to this, and it works in a way so that they enjoy it.

★ The #1 thing 99.7% of guys do that makes them LESS attractive. Here's a hint: It starts with an "A".

★ The REAL secret to impressing a woman (Hint: It has nothing to do with what you say, how much money you have, or what you look like, and ALL women can spot it as soon as you enter the room.)

★ NEVER tell a woman she's _________, if you want a serious relationship with her.

★ How I turned a "nerdy hobby" of mine into a sexy turn-on for hot women. (Yes, you read this right. You CAN be a total "geek" and get laid.)

★ The real deal when it comes to fashion that attracts women instantly.

★ How to compliment a woman so that she beams with happiness, rather than runs for the "Exit".

★ 3 easy ways to tease a woman that gets her TURNED ON.

★ An easy-to-use trick to get you a woman kissing you before you even know her name. It takes less than 60 seconds, it's fun to do, and you won't look like a creep.

★ One simple comment (not a "pick-up line") that gets a woman to buy YOU a drink. It's so easy, and it WORKS, you'll be slapping yourself on the forehead when you hear it.

★ How to seduce those smoking hot, stuck up women who care only about money without spending a penny.

★ How to guide a woman through vivid fantasies that make her literally addicted to you.

★ Why you should NEVER talk about your "job" ... and what to talk about instead.

★ How to use laughter to get her in bed -- and fall in love with you. The best part is, you don't have to be a "comedian" to get this to work.

★ 3 effective ways to show interest in a gorgeous woman WITHOUT communicating loserdom or desperation like all the rest of the guys.

★ How to have her feel like she's with a rockstar, even if your job "sucks"! (Women want guys who are in unique, powerful positions of passion. I'll show you how to turn YOUR profession into something cool.)

★ 1 simple piece of advice ANY man can follow starting TONIGHT that is guaranteed to improve your success with women -- and it's drop dead simple.

★ and much, Much More!

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