Beautiful women LWP1

Beautiful women LWP1

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Author: FUNCOM

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Beautiful women LWP1 Beautiful women LWP1 Beautiful women LWP1 Beautiful women LWP1

Description for Beautiful women LWP1

★ ★ ★ beautiful Live Wallpaper
Beautiful LWP app released! ★ ★ ★

Background, beautiful women models, such as the magazine snow
Peongpeong lower Women happy to see that this gift
Look well with Christmas falls mingle peongpeong
Eyes, the more realistic the snow in the winter.

Eye effect of the shapes are not using video compositing effects
Can be applied more luxurious and Real Wallpaper

Winter patterns shown in the last screen and a set of rock, so
Use with screens that are more suitable connection if you
You can create
More winter pattern lock items of the seller when you select
Can be downloaded easily.
Thank you.

■ How to install
Report preview screen, your favorite Beautiful Live Wallpaper
Download apps.

2 Live Wallpaper application is installed and then automatically applies not
Does Click an empty area of ​​the desktop, and Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper
Select After selecting the applications received reports of the preview screen
If you choose to apply live wallpaper Wallpaper applies.

Settings> Wallpaper> Live Wallpaper or by running the Setup icon
Live installed if you select the screen background can be applied.

Live wallpaper, wallpaper, christmas, tree, magazines, beautiful, women,
Snow, New Year, the end of peonkeom
beautiful, live wallpaper, lwp, christmas, xmas, snow,
magazine, woman, funcom

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