Beauty Reader

Beauty Reader

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Author: RombieSoft


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Beauty Reader Beauty Reader Beauty Reader Beauty Reader Beauty Reader Beauty Reader Beauty Reader

Description for Beauty Reader

Beauty Seeker (or a.k.a Looking for Beauty Photos) is an simple web forum RSS and image viewer.

The content and photos are retrieved from the forums on the Internet. Depending on the posts, it could contains slightly nudity and sexy poses. Please take this into account before download and install App.

PS: If you have any suggestion or requirements, please email to [email protected]. If you want to recommend some forums or web sites, please also email to me. I'll add it to the App if the site does match the Internet policy and Google App Content Policy.

It is a more convenient way to use list and slide to read or show photos on your mobile devices. This simplifies the most complex ways of using HTML browser to read small web page and click on image/link precisely.

If you have any suggestion or comments, or violations of programs, please email to me.
If the content has any violations agains the law or internet policy, please click and hold on the list item. After the context menu pops up, click the "Open in Browser" and report to its administrator.

License and Privacy Policy: App does not save or preload any copyrighted or private photos belonging to anyone. Any messages and images displayed in the App are download from the public forum and provided by users on the Internet. This App and its author does not take any responsibilities for the contents or images displayed or showed in the App. You do agree to the policy after you press the "確定" button and use the App then.

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