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Best Pick Up Lines

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Find your way to a woman’s heart by making her smile.
Could you use a little help in approaching women?
We know women are still a mystery nobody has ever solved. We know, we know. Sometimes, women can’t be understood just like that. All we know about women though is that they like a guy who makes them smile. Lift the corners of her mouth and make the first step towards knowing her. Nothing works better than a good joke when it comes to women!
This app contains the best pick up lines you could use when trying to approach a woman. Shake it and transform yourself into the cutest, most romantic man she has ever seen. Dig your way to her soul and she’ll reward you. Get sexy girls to like you!
This app is a tool designed to make you address women in a funny way. Try these pick up lines and see for yourself! It’s now easier to be a Don Juan, when all the modern technology stands at your feet. Just shake your phone and try your luck. There are far better chances to succeed with this than to win the lottery .
Women can be really, really difficult, nosy and picky. Who in the world can provide a 100% sure way to pick up the ladies and find the way to their hearts? Nobody. Because women have always been mysterious and they have always made men feel restless and nervous in front of them. There’s something about womanly curves and about her shiny hair and eyes that acts like magic on men. There’s something inexplicable beautiful women make men feel when around them. Be the man to seduce the sexiest girl out there! Be the man who is desired by all the ladies!
Meeting new people (and especially new people to date with) can be difficult. Sometimes you just need to get rid of your old self and try on a new self. Sometimes you have to gain more self-confidence in order to meet new people. Be a more confident self and you will have women at your feet. Because nothing is sexier than a man who knows he’s the man, a man who can make women undress just through words.
Tired of not knowing how to deal with the female gender? Don’t worry, there’s billions like you out there, who got to the limits of their creativity in their search for ‘the One’. Love rarely just happens. Most often you need to take control over your love life and make it happen. And you won’t make it happen by sitting on your couch, but by getting yourself out there and meeting new people. Your next girlfriend might be somewhere in the crowd, thinking and expecting you.
Find your soulmate- that’s not an easy task, considering how many people live on this Earth. But not looking for it won’t bring him/her to you either. Go out, pick up women, try dating them and see what happens. Miracles do happen and love is one wonderful miracle. And if you don’t find anyone to attach to, try again and have fun doing it. Don’t take it too seriously or else you will end up miserable and desperate.
Is there such thing as destiny? Perhaps not. Perhaps yes. But it is you who needs to make it happen. Think of all the things you’ve done in your life. None of them came by itself, really. It might have seemed so, but if you hadn’t made a choice, they wouldn’t have happen. It’s the same with love. If you see a beautiful woman, just get your act together and talk to her. She might say ‘no’, but there’s a 50% chance of her saying ‘yes’.
Humor is the key to success in dating. A joke or a funny pick up line will make a woman automatically feel better around you, more comfortable. And plus, nothing compares to a woman’s smile. So even if you don’t succeed in conquering your heart, you’ll know you did a good thing that day.
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