Bubbles Live wallpaper

Bubbles Live wallpaper

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Bubbles Live wallpaper Bubbles Live wallpaper Bubbles Live wallpaper Bubbles Live wallpaper

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Bubble Live Wallpaper
Full version free distribution ! Pulip sat up on the round droplets lightly . Grumpy gut flutter in the wind as the wind will shake .
Live Wallpaper is a nice and beautiful water droplets . Bubble up from the bottom of the screen, this smartphone come up , or you can fall down . Set in the droplet size , speed , direction, and you can change the background image .
The camera directly to a pub - the background image can be used immediately. Image files downloaded from the Internet into the sd card is simyeon . Change background image in an external image file when you connect your smartphone to your computer with usb after their favorite star celebrity on the Internet, or landscape , animal photos and get anything down image files . Size does not matter.
If the file is jpeg or png . Cut or copy the downloaded image file on your smartphone , and then paste it into the sd card if you are dcim folder . How to use the Play Store after downloading from the menu on the home screen - > Wallpapers -> Live Wallpapers -> BUBBLES LIVE WALLPAPER is if you choose .
Settings window by pressing the Edit SD card switched to an image file or directly taken can be selected. Square border coming up to touch the inside of the frame where you want to go to move . And then move the border is resized .
Select the size and location of the image after complete (save) is pressed on . After completion of setting the wallpaper is pressed .
In the setting window contact , Google Plus , share links and Google Play four kinds of bubbles show or hide the image and the number of bubbles and the speed can be set .
Smooth movement in the Samsung Galaxy series has been optimized .
Today, old photos to put in a bubble Wallpaper Get If by chance found an old picture of you get any ideas . Oh, and You're yes then you really remind me of a young man while ppeotne or the place where the photo was taken or that what was good and what would you plan on floating the idea that I took . But then share those photos whether someone take the Remember? Who gave me take pictures over why was not I paid retrospect what about dip . Beautiful smiling brightly as it used to hold the posture friend and lover, family happiness , but feels that even if I take pictures than jjikhigi cycle like the father and mother who had , say , or one you want to walk or take a picture of him in the way that lady ppeotdeon example , was a great Recall that look kind of man . That reminds me that holds photos that are not my time then to the people of that time as it moves over the picture to see damna . Memories of watching old photos look over the shelves . Feel the excitement with water droplets . Droplet is illuminated in Create beautiful photo wallpaper . Droplet stop to visit the veil veil is dancing . Own unique wallpaper Create photo . Thank you.

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