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Ibiza’s best club music and the hottest DJ’s. It’s the best kind of techno, chill out music.

“Ibiza is so different from other club music. It’s not all trance and techno but still make for great chill out music.” – Gary S.

Feeling cold and miserable? Missed Ibiza’s beaches, sun and great music?

Not the town, the music
The small town of Ibiza, Spain, has become the center of club music and culture. Four months a year, the small town of Ibiza becomes the world’s center stage for night life and musical revelry. But more than anything, the name Ibiza has become synonymous with a new kind of music.

It’s chill out music that was borne from the small town of Ibiza. Some call it techno, some call it house music and some call it trance music. We simply call it Ibiza, the chill out music. Great chill out music from Ibiza brought to you.

DJ’s and Ibiza
Ibiza music must have its roster of great DJ’s or else it won’t be Ibiza music. DJ’s spice-up the music with their own unique spin without letting the rhythmic beat falter for even a second. From one dizzying DJ performance to the next, it’s a dazzling array of chill out music.

You’ve heard of Reboot and you’ve certainly danced to Fatboy Slim’s spin. They are all here to rev-up the party.

Nothing like the Ibiza summer
Missed the Ibiza summer parties? There is nothing like the Ibiza summer where your day starts at noon and closes with a disco sunrise. But don’t let that get you down as the party goes to you, wherever you are. Chill out music from Ibiza and world tours to liven up your days and nights.

Jose Maria Ramon gives you ‘Just Beautiful Music’ while you won’t ‘Get No Sleep’ with Nick Warren. Either way, chill out.

Chill out
Techno music could make you dance to its rhythmic beat. Great DJ’s will gladly pump-up the music for you. But techno music with all its electric synth lines, has slick, percussive drives that relaxes. It keeps your body moving but your mind climbs to a quiet peak that enables you to lay back, relax and simply chill out.

Rarely garish but consistently smooth even with swells and belches of synths, elaborate percussion and vocals, techno music never fails to transport you to a higher level of awareness. Some people call it trance; again, we call it chill out. After all, chill out is a time and place you have fun.

Chill out music brings you the best from Ibiza and the world tours. Catch your globe-trotting DJ’s as they spin and remix and give you session after session of great chill out music. Consider DJ Solomun, winner of ‘Best Producer’ in Ibiza DJ Awards 2012 and Swedish House Mafia. Listen to newest techno releases and remixes.

Download and chill out now.

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