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Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone Contact Ringtone

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There must be somebody special for you and you may offer them some special privilege in your daily life. What's the difference when somebody call you? If you set only one ringtone for all people, I have to say you have out of date and it would not show your attention to some people. Now you can add an unparalleled music for him/her with Contact Ringtone app. It is a totally free app for all people who has an android mobile phone! We offer you over fifty ringtones in the app system and you need not download them from internet one by one. When you setting them, you can add a contact or a group contact to the ringtone. When the people call you, you can hear the song set for them. With this app, you can set many different ringtone to different contact. With this method, you will avoid has the same tone with other and you can know who are calling when you hear the music!
This is not only a calling music setting app. You can also use it to set the phone alarm ringtone and notification rings! There must be an alarm in your mobile phone and you may use it to call you up in the morning or tell you there is new short message is arriving. But most people has the same one and you can not know if it is your phone ring or not. If you make one by yourself, you will not worry about this problem any more.There is a ring editor and recorder in this free app. You can use the two functions to create new ringtones only belongs to yourself!

Functions that can surprise you:
1.Free app for all people in the word!
2.Have a audition before setting.
3.Set the notification, call, and alarm ring at one time.
4.Set the volume size of the three ring and multimedia volume at one time.
5.Record voices as tones if you like.
6.Add contact to special ring and when the contact phone you , you can hear the music only!
7.Store the sound file from app system to your SD card when you join it to list.
8.Choose file from app system or SD card as you like.
9.Edit ring from a whole song and then save the new file in your mobile.
10.Set the mobile profile in four choices like ring only, vibrate only and so on.
11.We offer you a recommended ring in opening page, you can press to set directly!

Contact Ringtone offer you many popular ringtone, and you can also take full advantage of music ringtone in your SD card. In addition to that, you can also record or edit the ring by yourself! The most great thing is you can add contact to call ringtone. That is to say, you will have may different ringtone at one time according to contacts. You can not find a app like this in other place. It is strong enough for all of you. Now download and enjoy it and I bet it will not let you down!
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