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Crazy Yo Mama Jokes

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Crazy Yo Mama Jokes Crazy Yo Mama Jokes

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This is the craziest! Zaniest! Funniest Yo mama Jokes ever! Get ready to crack up hard!

Want to get the funniest Yo Mama Jokes ever?

We have so many Yo Mama Jokes for you there won’t be any more space for seriousness. All of them are specially picked to crack you up so prepare to laugh your bam off!

“All of them are hilarious!!!” – C. Bailey

Crazy Yo Mama Jokes app has some of the wackiest yo mama jokes you can ever find!

This awesome collection of yo mama jokes will surely light up your day with lots of laughs and burns. All handpicked and carefully chosen to accommodate the craziest sense of humor around, whether yo mama is fat or ugly, you can just shake your phone, throw in a joke or two and see the reaction of your buddies as they completely crack up. The jokes are plenty, and all of them are hilarious. Crazy Yo Mama Jokes has the funniest collection of yo mama jokes all rolled in one app.

Ouch That’s Gotta Hurt!

• Laugh at the crazy fat jokes

• Battle it out with the best jokes ever

• Unpredictable punch lines that will drive you crazy with laughter

Holy Cow!

• The connection between your mom and outer space

• Yo mama and some geography lesson

• Yo mama and how fat she is

We’ve all heard so many Yo Mama jokes everywhere, from the television, movies, magazines and of course, the ever so reliable internet. In fact, there are so many Yo Mama jokes that even your fat old mama can’t eat all of them if it’s a cupcake. We collected the best of the best, the ones that would put any jokester grumbling with embarrassment if you hit him with one or two of these jokes.

Each one is going to sting hard, each one of these jokes can definitely give your jokester competitor with a bad burn and all of your audiences will go “oooooooooooohhhhhh!!!!” once you hit them with an awesome Yo Mama joke taken from this funny app. Many of them are so rotten that it is almost delicious as you share them with your friends. Even if you are in the office, or school, be the original jokester as you give them the joke of the day. Just give your phone a little shake and there you go, there is an instant Yo Mama joke to make everybody laugh.

We all love a little comedy in our lives, and don’t forget that having a sense of humor is sexy. So get the Crazy Yo Mama Jokes app and keep your friends laughing hard. Remember, some of them are not jokes for kids, you have to be careful because these jokes are handpicked one by one to give you the best collection of Yo Mama jokes there is. They can sting, they can be offensive, they can make yo mama absolutely mad, but it can surely give you some hilarious moments with your friends. Crazy Yo Mama Jokes app is a wonderful, yet dangerous weapon, so use it with care.

To all the gutsy, funny, crazy peeps out there, get the Crazy Yo Mama Jokes right now and watch your opponent cringe with the power of your yo mama joke, give it a shake, throw in the joke and watch him or her fall down like he’s been hit in the stomach with a sledge hammer. Yes ladies and gentlemen, this wonderful little app can make you the champion of humor.

Laugh out loud and show them who’s the boss, download today!

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