Cute Babies Gallery/LWP

Cute Babies Gallery/LWP

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Cute Babies Gallery/LWP Cute Babies Gallery/LWP Cute Babies Gallery/LWP Cute Babies Gallery/LWP

Description for Cute Babies Gallery/LWP

Babies Wallpaper is an application that consists of pictures and LWP of cute sweet charming babies all over the world.Cute Baby Wallpapers are always refreshing and fills your heart with joy. Get the feel good factor and explore your brighter side with the cute kids on your wall, a right choice for all.
Fun to watch the sweet baby wallpapers are just perfect to set your mood right. An innocent baby smile can melt all your anger and brings out the child in you. Lovely, adorable and naughty small ones takes you away from all your worries, cheers you up and keeps you going smooth. These angels of God delight us with their pure expressions, unconditional love and peaceful mind. This application aims at the deliver of high quality pictures with all options of:

*Setting image as wallpaper.
*Sharing the Image.
*Download the image to your Sd card.
*Use system default photos to set them as wallpaper.
*Use pictures from gallery and set them as wallpaper.

The wallpaper set as home screen will have no issues with fit to screen size and any other nuisance.

For the best usage ** In Go launcher GO TO
Preferences--->Visual settings--->Backgrounds--->Wallpaper mode and set it to vertical screen mode!!

You can now enjoy the best experience of wallpaper quality and all in one referential application through this.

Whenever you set a wallpaper the application will get minimized on its own and you can retrieve it as such!!
pics in the gallery:cute ,charming ,small ,sweet, girl boy ,babies just born babies Christmas babies nature babies lots of cute babies this baby's belongs to Singapore,Australia,United states of America,United Kingdom,Britain,London,full world

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