Dirty Names

Dirty Names

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Dirty Names Dirty Names

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Everyone's heard a name that sounds vulgar or obscene when spoken aloud. Here's a collection of those hilarious Dirty Names. These monikers (Norma Snockers, for example) may be filthy, nasty, profane, crude, and offensive. But they're always funny and sure to make you laugh. Drop one of these foul Dirty Names on your friends or enemies for a surefire titter (it means giggle...look it up). This app appeals to adult humor and is not for those that are easily shocked or offended.

Please submit your collection of Dirty Names so we can improve our list and you can show us that you really do know Jack Schitt.

Over 400 Dirty Names
Sound for ALL names
Quickie Mode (Random)
Name Directory (Find a specific name)

The app will load slowly due to the 400 sound files it must load and prep. Sorry for this inconvenience, I am still an amateur developer.

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