Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice

Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice

Downloads: 500 - 1,000

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Author: ProgettoDigitale.Tv

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Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice

Description for Droid Call Confirm Pro + Voice

Droid Call Confirm Professional (Android Version >= 2.0)
**************Version With Voice Control!***************

Don't make any more unwanted calls by accidentally touching the phone's contacts or the display!

Droid Call Confirm displays a screen for any outgoing calls that asks you to confirm the call, with some advanced (and unique) features! (see all the features under here!)

- Hey! Bored with always pressing "yes" to every normal call?

Use Proximity Sensor! Start the call and move your phone to your ear like the natural movement, Droid Call Confirm will sense your movement and automatically start the call. That's easy!

- What if you accidentally confirm a call?

Use Timeout! With Droid Call Confirm the call is deleted if not confirmed within a few seconds (you can choose how long!)

-Annoyed because if you need to start a "Speaker On" call you always have to start the call, then wait, then press the "Speaker ON" button ?

Enable button "Yes w/Speaker ON", touch it and you confirm the call and the speaker setted ON immediately!

-Want to change the standard option names?

You can customize your text! instead "Call to:" message or "Yes"/"No" buttons text!
Use your slang, customize it as you prefer.

- What does Droid Call Confirm do when you are using the Bluetooth Audio Device?

You can enable/disable the Droid Call Confirm Function when a bluetooth audio device is connected! Choose this option under "preferences."

Features (Enable/Disable it!):
1. Transparent Confirm Functionality: Use Proximity sensor to start the call without touching the button "Yes" on the screen: natural movement, fast, easy. (Warning: Your device must have a Proximity Sensor!!)
Voice Control Option (only for Android version >= 2.2): Say "Yes/No/Ok/Dial/Hangup/Speaker" to control the confirmation of the call!
2. Timeout: If the call is not confirmed within a few seconds, it's deleted. Timeout is configurable with 1 to 10 seconds and 15,20,30,60 sec.
3. Immediate Speaker ON Call: Start the call immediately with speaker ON, touch "Yes w/Speaker ON" button instead of only "Yes". (Display it awalys or press MENU button for this option during call!)
4. Display Modes:
- Droid Call Confirm: Classic Droid Call Confirm Mode (default).
- Business (display all in vertical alignment with Company and City informations if present)
- Big Contact Image (Big Contact Image as background, informations over image, included Company and City if present) [BETA]
5. Skip Confirm when you are calling a Emergency Number (fixed to 911(US),112/118(IT)).
6. Micro-Vibration as confirm of the call.
7. Customizable strings on "Yes"/"No"/"Speaker" buttons and "Call to" message. (Text Size too)
8. Bluetooth Co-operation: When a Bluetooth Audio device is connected, the confirm can be skipped.
9. Customizable background image: set your preferred image.
10. Another Aspect customizable like Buttons Opacity, Message position,ecc.
11. Beep Sound during confirmation every second (it works when enabled timeout option too).
12. Available previous version without Voice Control (only 420kb instead of 3.5Mb.!) Write us!

Any questions ? Problems ? Suggestions ?
ASK US at [email protected] !!! We can help!

Are you not sure ? You have 15 minutes of free try after payment, if you go to Setting->Application -> Droid Call Confirm -> Uninstall and Refund -> You got money back Automatically! That is Android Market Policy!

Statistic (Installed on): HTC Wildfire(20%),HTC Hero(10%),HTC Desire HD(10%),Samsung Galaxy S(10%),Motorola Droid(5%),HTC Evo 4G (5%),Motorola Defy(5%),HTC Legend(5%),HTC Droid Incredible(5%),HTC G2(1%),HTC Thunderbolt(1%),HTC Desire S(1%),Samsung Galaxy Tab(1%),saga(1%),vivow(1%),a10(1%),Garmin A50(1%),LG Optimus One thunderc/g(1%),a1(1%),Motorola Atrix 4G(1%),huawei ascend(1%),Other(13%).

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