Due West : Our Sex Journey

Due West : Our Sex Journey

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Due West : Our Sex Journey Due West : Our Sex Journey Due West : Our Sex Journey Due West : Our Sex Journey Due West : Our Sex Journey

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Frankie (Justin Cheung) is a seriously horny teenager. Brought up in a strict middle class family, he turns to his "sex mentor" Jing (Gregory Wong), who initiates him in the world of smut and lurid behaviour. With the help of Jing, Frankie faces all sorts of embarrassing and hilarious moments, inextricably forcing him to study in the UK, which leads into his young adulthood and eventually a career back in Hong Kong.

He gets into a pretty serious relationship with Zeta (Celia Kwok), who to say the least has intimacy issues of her own that do not fully satisfy Frankie. After some instability in his life and a shocking discovery about his father, he decides to reunite with Jing, and in a desperate and melancholic act makes his way to the fabled city of Shenzhen, where organised prostitution and 'soap lands' await him. Of course, being Frankie and considering his already crazy background, he gets a lot more than he bargains for.

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