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Relax and have a good laugh with the funniest Dumb Blonde Jokes!

So are you tired of watching funny videos or waiting for some stand up comedian to throw their punch lines?

This collection of blonde jokes and one liner are one of the best that you can find in the apps store today. You think you might have heard it all about them blondes so we compiled a fresher one.

“Damn funny! Can’t get that blood test jokes out of my head” – Jun T.

Break away from it and download The Best Blonde Jokes Application now. Sit or lie down in your room and start browsing your phone and read the Best Blonde Jokes that we have for you.

The Best Blonde Jokes that we have includes about the blondes trying to think, blondes wondering about simple things and ways to find out if you are dealing with a blonde or not. It is clean humour but promises to make you laugh all the way and for hours. With our growing number of jokes and increasing partners, you might find it irresistible to check on us from time to time.

Poor Honey

• She may have gotten the highest score with all that reviewing

• And that cost her $20

• The poor girl wet her pants!

Brutal Blonde Burn

• She’s gifted after all

• Extreme thumb pain due to ignorance

• Yes, the cordless phone did it

With just an internet connection to download our application and to update it from time to time, you’ll find yourself with numbers of blonde jokes that will make your stomach ache for laughing for hours. You can now make your friends laugh as well by sharing some of the jokes you liked the most. You can also share these jokes to your social networks if you wanted to, to make more people laugh. Have fun and enjoy Dumb Blonde Jokes!

The Blonde Stereotype
Stereotyping is one of the most common thought processes that people have and no one can escape it. Almost everyone is being stereotyped to belong to a group that are associated with something. Among the most typical stereotyping that we have are those desirable and sexy blonde women. These poor sexy women, being mocked and ridiculed with blonde jokes, dirty jokes and lots more, and we hate to admit it. It is definitely fun!

Yes, we all know it is mean to generalize all blondes as, how can I say this, not great thinkers? But hey, some may find it insulting but this is just a way to relieve some stress. Browsing through some blonde jokes and laughing like a weirdo while you are all alone. These jokes are also great for sharing with friends, trade jokes and laugh your heart out, just be careful, some sexy women, especially blondes are very sensitive to these kind of jokes. So share them out of ear shot or you might get some serious blonde beating and turn into a joke yourself.

Blonde stereotype pertains to the two aspect of being a blonde- beautiful and dumb. This stereotyping was openly exploited in different blonde jokes where in blondes relies more on their beauty rather than on their brain. Here are some of the funniest blonde jokes you can come across with.

Dumb Blonde Jokes is your best outlet whenever you are waiting for the train or school bus and the daily routine gets too annoying, cheer yourself up with some blonde jokes, I’m sure it will give a smile to that bored face.

Aside from funny blonde jokes, there are also tons of blonde lines and facts that showcase the blonde stereotyping. Some pretty neat question and answer jokes that would make you giggle as you read each of the jokes and more. This is only intended for good hearted laughs, not as prejudice to all those beautiful, blonde sexy women out there, we all want a little dose of comedy and we have that for you!

So I hear you like blondes, Download Dumb Blonde Jokes now and put a smile on your face!

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