Extreme Truth or Dare

Extreme Truth or Dare

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Extreme Truth or Dare Extreme Truth or Dare

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Extreme Truth or Dare will get your lusty motors running and your blood boiling with some really out of this world truth or dare questions!

Do you want a truth or dare that will truly bring out the crazy side in you even for a night?

Look no further because it cannot get more intense than this. If you want something more extreme, sexy, naughty and funny than the typical truth or dare questions that you used to play during high school then you better be prepared for what Extreme Truth or Dare has to offer.

“Really hardcore and intense!” – Matt H.

Extreme Truth or Dare is perfect for a game with sexy girls or guys you've always wanted to intimately get to know.

Play with your lover or sexy crushes and find out all their dirty secrets plus see things they'll never do in public like striptease, stripping, and adult dares! Who knows, you may even end up with more than just kisses and laughs after you're done with this sexy game. Includes special features to spice up your party and your sex appeal! No need for sexy pics any more if you have a spicy game to play with your girlfriend's hot girls.

Game Features!

Double and triple dares

Sexy dares for horny buddies

Chance to pass a dare to an unlucky friend

Crazy Rules!

All girls only truth questions

The power to decide the dares on girls

Funny dares that are absolutely extreme

If you are looking for new ways to make a party fun and interesting then I know what you actually want, you don’t have to be ashamed to say it since we are both thinking of the same thinking. You want your party to have some booze, nice games, sex and more sex, excitement, silliness, sexy boys and girls, crazy friends and of course, more sex. Now tell me if I’m wrong, but what can be more fun than that?
If you think about it, there is one app out there that can bring all those fun factors mentioned together; and that is called Erotic Truth or Dare. This cool app is made especially for fun and sex loving adults who understand the pleasures of being open minded. Being a young adult, your confidence and adventurous persona will shine with the help of this wonderful and sexy app. It is also great for couples who want to add spice in their sex lives. Whether you are alone with your sexy sweetheart at home, or you’re in a date, the truth or dare questions will surely get your blood boiling and you heart pumping like crazy. If you want something wilder then bring in all your friends and let them join this crazy game, this app is also perfect for parties so if you want to make a get-together more fun and exciting and I’m guessing you agree that Erotic Truth or Dare can definitely help you out. If you are looking for ways to establish some physical contact with your crush then we have the perfect, shall we say, excuse to do just that. The dares are crazy and make sure your parents aren’t home when you do this because things can get a little raunchy. Discover the secrets of your love and use it to turn them on. Games, especially truth or dare games can bring you laughter and a sense of adventure, a great combination to ease in a seduction.

Dig deeper inside this amazing app and for sure you will find some sexy treasures. Find out a friend’s preferred sex position, check out if they like watching sexy videos and adult movies, see what turns them on and make guys go stiff as a strip dancer’s pole or make sexy girls drip with delicious excitement. You can also have the access to more sexy information like a person’s favorite physical sensation and how to achieve it, what goes on inside our naughty brains and how can you make people shed their inhibitions for a night of naughty excitement.

You never know, if you keep playing this game I’m pretty sure most of you will be breathing heavy with lust, and the moods will be all set for some hotter action later on.

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