FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator

FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator

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Price: FREE

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Author: MardSoft App.

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FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator

Description for FamilyGuy Fart Sound Generator

This application is a must for a Family Guy Supporter supporter!

Have you ever thought to joke a friend of yours with a really natural fake fart?
Have you ever thought how a Peter/Lois /Megan /Chris /Stewie Griffin (and a lot of other Family Guy characters) fart could sound?

"Family Guy Fart Sound Generator" is the answer to these questions!!!!

The Family Guy Fart Sound Generator is a collect of HIGH QUALITY farts produced employing special audio processing techniques in order to crate the farts sound of several Family Guy characters (ALMOST 20 different fart).

Moreover, thanks to special processing operations it is possible to modify the Family Guy Characters farts increasing/decreasing the fart length and changing its frequency content.
With "Family Guy Fart Sound Generator" you can also generate your personal brand new fart.

So, if you want to make a perfect fart joke, four different options can be used:
- TIMER: Thanks to the timer option it is possible to program the fart execution. Put the mobile phone in your poket and game is done.
- SHAKER: Put the phone in your poket and shake your ass. Make your phone farting!!
- CYBERFART: Share the fart with your friend using mail, bluetooth, and WHATSAPP!!!.
- SUPERLOUD FART: Enable high volume to make really noisy farts.


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