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Great Fat Jokes can bring laughs to all people especially if you are on the heavy side! Laugh with them, not at them!

Do you want to lighten up and find humor in the thought that you are a little soft around the edges?

Fret no more my larger than life friend. The best way to overpower criticisms over your weight is by being positive; not sulking in the dark and feeling you don’t deserve to be loved because of your weight. Fat Jokes app can turn your problem into a great fun source.

“It certainly lifts up my mood and it is empowering to laugh at own problems.” – Riku N.

Check out the wacky new app Fat Jokes. Fat Jokes is a funny source of jokes about weight that will leave you rolling on the floor with laughter.

Discover fresh new jokes that will leave you breathless, not with cholesterol, but with laughter! Fat Jokes has a ton of jokes about weight taken from all over the world. This collection is great for parties and sleepovers. If you find your day to be a little boring, why not hit your friends with a joke or two.

Keeping it Heavy but Light

• Make the best out of any situation by sharing some jokes

• Being positive and actually be popular because of your new jokes

• Not being bothered by what people think, you just want to have fun

Fat Collection of Jokes

• You can’t blame a pancake for being delicious

• The perks of being heavy

• How to save starving nations

If you are a little heavy and you actually do feel good about yourself then joking about your own weight would not be an issue at all. I know obesity is a serious problem for people and it is really not something to discriminate, people may say it’s not something to joke about, but somehow, I disagree. Research show that over eating has a connection with depression and that basis alone can show that if only people are much more positive and comfortable with themselves, the less likely they will become dependent on food. My point is, why not reach for the inner jokester in you? Instead of running him to your mommy crying, why not get some jokes of your own, this is a great way to make people laugh with you, share joy with you, divert the thinking that they are laughing at you.

This can change boys and girls, while this is actually a sensitive issue, I’m sure being a little overweight damages your social skills especially if you are quite young, you don’t feel confident, and you think people of the opposite sex hate you because of your weight. That’s not true, I can guarantee that. What the opposite sex wants is confidence. People with substance will never care about your weight, what you wear, how you smell, how and what you eat. People with substance actually care about confidence, and your overall personality. We all have that inside us, fat or thin, black or white, boy or girl, or something in between. Find humor in their ridiculous criticisms, once they see you owning each joke, they will unknowingly find you confident, and people will appreciate you more for it.

Word of advice, do it for you, not for those silly judgmental people.

The real trick in telling a fat joke is to tell something that is funny, not embarrassing. As a jokester, humiliating someone in public should never be your goal. If that’s what you want to do then take you business elsewhere, maybe the afterlife.

Get off on that couch, ditch the burgers and fries and download now! Laughing actually makes your abdominal muscles work!

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