Female Sex Pleasures

Female Sex Pleasures

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Female Sex Pleasures Female Sex Pleasures Female Sex Pleasures Female Sex Pleasures

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This App is for women who want to take control of their sexuality, by taking pleasure to new peaks and for men who want to learn how to be better lovers. Masturbation has long been known to promote health and well being through mind and body understanding. Eroticism through tantric touch, self-exploration, pleasure with sex toys, and amazingly sexy masturbation stories, will all be explored in our app.
Unlocking the secrets to your body through masturbation is not only personally satisfying, but can also lead to amazingly satisfying sex with your partner. Masturbation is not just learning what is between your legs, but it teaches you to focus on your mind, as well as finding the buttons within your body that will wet and stimulate your sexual appetite.

In this App, you'll find:
• The kama-sutra of women self-pleasuring
• The guide of female masturbation techniques with the hand
• Masturbation techniques with soft objects (pillow, water, etc)
• Masturbation techniques using sex toys
• How to use tantric touch – nurture your erotic relationship with yourself with female self pleasuring
• Tips for Solo Pleasure
• Best Sex Toys
• Masturbation stories

One of the many mysteries about sex and intimacy is the female orgasm. Logically speaking to understand the female orgasm, we must understand the truth behind being a female. Since understanding females and the many differences between men and women probably will not be happening anytime soon, perhaps learning a little more about her ‘pleasure areas’ and perhaps how to get her in the mood, will make you feel a little less lost when you are in bed with her. Maybe learning some new information having to do with women, a woman's orgasm and a woman’s body- you can then consider yourself one step closer to knowing the truth behind females and what woman truly want and need. If nothing else, maybe reading a few interesting facts about the female orgasm, can calm some fears you may be harboring. Regardless of why you are reading this and what you will take with you when you are finished- I hope you enjoy a few interesting pieces of information regarding women and the female orgasm.

We explore the kama-sutra of women self-pleasuring, for each masturbation technique and each kind of sex-toy.  Techniques, tips and tricks and some variations to promote personal exploration and gratification will be some of the exciting masturbation tools we will explore. 50-80% of woman perform solo sex, and are still not achieving the ultimate orgasms. With our App you will achieve orgasm every time, and progress in the personal satisfaction arena as you explore uninhibited your body!
Masturbation is the manual stimulation of the sex organs, usually to the point of orgasm (but not necessarily). It can refer to stimulation of the male or female genitals from oneself or by another person, but it is usually something that is done alone.
Partner Sex has been known to be more erotic when either partner uses masturbation as foreplay. Some people are only able to achieve orgasm by themselves rather than from sexual intercourse. Our goal is to help you have an orgasm every time, weather alone or with a partner!

Ready to get in touch with yourself in a new -- and satisfying -- way? If you've never tried masturbating, you're certainly not alone. But did you know that 50 to 80 percent of women have performed solo sex, according to the book “The Guide to Getting it On”?
Masturbation is a healthy, natural outlet for sexual expression. In fact, it can actually improve both your sexual technique and level of arousal during shared sex and over all health and well-being. How? Think of it this way. It's up to you to turn yourself on and keep the motor running, but once you do, your sex life will take a dramatic turn for the better!

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