Fire Gun Game

Fire Gun Game

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Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game Fire Gun Game

Description for Fire Gun Game

Fire with a gun is really a great thing! There are many gun types and models on market, we can not play all kinds of gun in real life. But with your mobile, you can play any one of them. Fire Gun is a free app used to play gun with your mobile. It is a fir gun simulator which as good as real gun! Hand it on hand just like hand a real gun. It can simulate over 50 gun models on market. Although, you can not experience shooting with them in real life, you can take practices with your mobile phone and it also can improve your shooting skill.
Please do not forget to open sound/volume button on your mobile. When you shooting, you can hear the shooting sound which make the practice more exciting and realistic!
In fact, this game can not only offer you practice with hot weapons but also can play cool weapons like sword, slap and so on!~
More Functions:
1.100% free for all game player and gun lover!
2.Offer you an tutorial before start game.
3.Shooting fixed things.
4.Shooting dynamic things!
5.Almost all gun type offered and every type has different models!You can choose any one you like.
6.Moving devices offered like boats, helicopter and so on.
7.Offer you the gun information if your do not familiar with the gun model. You can know them in YouTube or wiki and so on.
8.Set which volume button to play: left or right.
9.Play coll weapons like punch, whip and so on.
10Share with others directly !

How to play games:
1.Choose the gun type and then start training.
2.Press add volume button to start.
3.Press minus button to shooting, it will give you a score after every shooting!
4.The more stable you hane gun, the more score you will get!

This is almost a realistic game about phone gun. You must can love it. It can take you realistic feeling about shooting! and improve your shooting skill! Download it, you will love it much!
If you think it is good, you can share with friends through twitter, Bluetooth, g mail and so on in this app directly!
If you download a VIP version, you can set the shooting events and make a campaign. For example, you can set a background as you are shooting train in Korea(just an example)!

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