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I know you must like watch video on your mobile and have a media player on your android mobile because with a phone player you can enjoy interesting video without time and place limitation. When you work tired and feel bored after long time working, you can open your phone and watch videos to relax yourself. When you miss your lover or family members outside, you can open the video player to see his/her face and listen her/his voice to get rid of loneliness. When you want to learn a new song or dancing, you can download music MV from YouTube or other websites with the app on your mobile or with computer and enjoy them with a media player. Now I will introduce you a powerful media player which can paly FLV video format smoothly and clearly. Its name is FLV Media Player Pro. In fact, it can not only play flv style, but also other hundreds video formats. As long as you can find the format on market, you can play the video with this player. You will not worry about the video your download can not be open directly!
We added many great functions that other video player do not have! You can take a shortcut to the video if you think a video scene is really beautiful or special and you love it very much; you can change the size of the screen to meet your own habit; you can add a suit subtitle to the video. As a result, you can know what the video saying about if you download a free foreign language video or MV. You can lock the screen and with this function you will not worry about pressing some button carelessly and disturb your enjoying.
Let's view its functions one by one and you will find its great and have a big surprise:
---A totally free media player for android market.
---Support almost all video format on internet. When you download (free) video resource from internet like YouTube, twitter and so on you will not worry about it can not open them normally. And you need not other format converter any more. No matter flv, or asf wav mp4 etc. can all be played in this player.
---Scan all file in your mobile. When you open the app, it will show you all file in your mobile phone and you should find the video file and press to open them directly.In other words, it has a file browser appearance and can also be play as a file browser.
---Take a screen shot and save the shot you love in your SD card.You can also get the image information you shot in detail (the shot/modify time, the size and so on).
---Add subtitle to the video from your SD card. As a result, you can use the player to learn foreign language or a popular song or great dancing.
---Lock screen/full screen as you like. You can enjoy the video as without any worring.
---Change the size of the screen.
---Adjust the brightness and volume as you like.
---Make fast foreword or rewind.
---Stop or pause or play the video.
---Search the playing time and video name and format when you watching the video.
Ways of manage the screen:
---Press buttons on the screen can mange the video as you like.
---Slide the screen up and down on right can adjust size of volume and on left can manage brightness.
---Press the progress bar can help make fast forward or rewind.
---Press the menu/add button on your mobile to unlock the screen.~~~~~~~~~~~For You~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I know I know it's boring! but I have to show this information to you gays~~ This free app has ad! such as icon ad, notification ad. It's just ad, like you see ad in your TV everyday, nothing is special, my friends, I can earn this cents to buy a beef, that's all!

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