Foreplay Game 2

Foreplay Game 2

Downloads: 1,000 - 5,000

Price: $2.26

Votes: 30

Author: Artificial Wonders

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Foreplay Game 2 Foreplay Game 2 Foreplay Game 2 Foreplay Game 2 Foreplay Game 2

Description for Foreplay Game 2

Have fun and get in the mood for sex.

Foreplay Game 2 gives the players questions to answer and actions to perform. Like sex dice and truth or dare combined.

You can try the free version before you buy.

- Get in the mood with your boyfriend or girlfriend.
- Take the next step with your date.
- Turn a party into a sex party.
- Discover new sexual things you may like.
- Find out exciting things you didn't know about your love or date.
- Innocently play it with your date or some hot friends and see where it leads.

=== FEATURES ===
- 2 or more players
- 630 questions
- 230 actions
- 5 different levels
- 41 different categories
- Add your own cards
- Export and import cards to the SDCard
- Filter cards you don't like
- Select which body parts to use

Enjoy the game!

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