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Laugh out loud and treat your friends with the most unforgettable pranks ever! Instead of getting mad at you they’ll be rolling with laughter!

Looking for a fun trick to play on your buddy?

From simple pranks to extreme and hilarious practical jokes, a harmless prank is a good way for you and your friends to have a good laugh. The hilarious app Funny Pranks will show you how to plan and execute a good prank that you can get a good laugh out of and won't cause any long-lasting damage.

“ Damn funny as hell I just tried the first thing!” – Riku N.

Funny Pranks is a new app that will make you roll with laughter with so many amazing practical jokes.

This app, Funny Pranks, features clear instructions on how to pull off some of the funniest and most creative pranks to your friends! From a pure design standpoint, the app is laid out in an organized and straight-forward manner, which provides an interesting and funny backdrop to the devious and crazy content within.

All Around Pranks

• Pranks you can do at home to your family

• Pranks you can do in the office

• Pranks you can do at school or with your buddies

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• Crazy pranks you can do with a sleeping person

• Daring pranks you can do to people with authority, perhaps your boss?

• Silly but loveable way to play a practical joke on your siblings

Things can get a little boring even if you’re with your friends or loved ones. There are plenty of ways to amuse yourself and playing pranks on your friends may be the best idea for these kind of lousy afternoons. There are so many funny jokes to choose from once you download this hilarious app Funny Pranks; if comedy is your game you can even take the fun in the office and make yourself the king of pranks in the workplace.

There are so many practical jokes here that you can actually try something anytime and anywhere! To make a successful prank, you should first be sneaky, observe your surroundings and decide where the best place and time to execute the evil yet funny joke. Be creative with each prank, you can start with a simple one and let your mind expand the idea into something more deliciously sinister and crazy. Think of steps to make it more clever and funny and you’re set to go. Trust me, there are good pranks for any occasions so gather your courage and get a few laughs!

You would want to be more clever if the prank is really big, you need to plan ahead of time and make sure there are no loose ends, you want to make it really impressive that the victim will even love your sense of humor. Just be sure that the prank is harmless, you don’t want your girlfriend or boyfriend or family members to disown you for being such an evil prankster.

When it is time to execute your prank you should be bold and daring, and you should definitely be ready for some funny scenes because you will be laughing out loud after the deed. The best moment in a prank is once the victim discovers the reality, enjoy their reaction and never be mean about it. Have a great time yourself and love the comedy but it will be best to apologize to the person right after. You don’t want them to stay mad at you forever.

Check out Funny Pranks now. The ideas are so elaborate and daring and you definitely know it has been tried and tested, giving you more edge on the prank’s success. You can try it out during April Fools’ Day or actually any other day. They are not wicked or severe, just funny and creative and they do not really require lots of preparation which makes the app handy. That means it does not really have the risk of negative social consequences that many pranks do, just be careful.

Get the prank party started! Get Funny Pranks Now!

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