Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi)

Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi)

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Author: JOE Inc

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Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi) Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi) Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi) Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi)

Description for Gal Pon!!(Miku Ohashi)

Cute daughter of shortcut! Sexy popular personality, H. Ohashi, not the (Miku Ohashi)
"Gal ☆ PON H. Ohashi not" card application to the collection.

Big E cup looks innocent! Big soft skin of her body a long time yet dazzling smile and cute
Drew just sexy shot! !

I prepared this time, in addition to the "normal" card of the best shot selection, three types of "rare" card shot, "special" card of the shot even more valuable than precious treasure more!
Put simply turning the Gacha coins, you can get a cute & sexy card.
In addition, the coin will be added over time If you run out of coins, can I get the card as many times as you want.

Trying to collect all the sexy card Comp treasured BODY daring adults, and H. Ohashi, not the cute face! !

Not a long time Ohashi (Oohashimiku Miku Miku Ohashi Ohashi)
1987/12/24 Date of Birth:
Height. 158cm. Size. B 86cm W 58cm H 85cm (E cup)

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