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Gay Trek

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Gay Trek Gay Trek Gay Trek Gay Trek Gay Trek

Description for Gay Trek

Gay Trek is a gay themed space invaders style trek influenced spoof. Choose a ship and battle away. Defend gay space stations and gay planets, battle with frigates, cruisers and dreadnoughts and blow planets and asteroids to bits.

Game Play : The storyline missions determine each levels objective. Ship movement takes a bit of getting used to. Tap the ship to fire weapons. Dragging will slide and move the ship while firing. The ship will also move to the places tapped without firing and wasting weapon power by tapping away from the ship.

The top left corner of the screen has three important bars, white, blue and red. White is ship armor, hull integrity. Blue is shield strength. Red is weapons power.

Game Hints:
* Upgrade weapons, shields and armor by blasting big asteroids to bits.
* Avoid being hit by asteroids, they penetrate shields and damage the hull.
* Collect as many upgrades as possible to survive battles with bosses.
* Dragging the ship in short distances will help avoid being hit.
* Tapping a large distance from the ship will make it move faster than dragging.
* Allow the weapons to charge to red hot to fire powerful blasts.

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