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Gay West Hollywood for Tablets Gay West Hollywood for Tablets Gay West Hollywood for Tablets Gay West Hollywood for Tablets Gay West Hollywood for Tablets

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Gay West Hollywood Los Angeles Tablet App

Is your time in Los Angeles limited? Know the BEST FUN GAY places to go and when to go! Gay West Hollywood is the World's Most Incredible & Magical Gay City whose epicenter is Santa Monica Blvd. in the heart of Los Angeles.

We have a gay majority government, 21 Gay Bars, FUN Gay Clubs, 26 Gay Shops, 69 Gay Friendly Restaurants, and 20 Gay Coffee Shops, all in walking distance. This city was founded on the principal that all our residents and visitors are equal which means you can be yourself here. Kiss, hold hands in public, feel comfortable, and experience total freedom. Bring your straight, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender friends and have the time of your life.

Experience world-class gay entertainment at our many venues 7-NIGHTS-A-WEEK which offer dance parties, musical performances, drag-shows, shirtless bartenders, and go-go dancers. Most entertainment has no cover charge. Even Monday & Tuesday nights are busy & fun here; every night of the year is a fun party! There’s way more going on here than what most people realize.

Many visitors have limited time to spend in Gay West Hollywood, so you want to focus on the best our gay city has to offer. You'll LOVE the FUN in Gay West Hollywood, but you certainly don't want to spoil it by wasting time going to the wrong place on the wrong night of the week or missing out on the best gay-friendly spots to eat. Why miss the free shows because you didn’t know where they are?

This app contains information we've personally gathered for the last 2 years.The information wasn't curated from data. We're not an app-making conglomerate, we made the app ourselves. We operate the website, so we know our city. We are gay, we've lived here 15 years, and we walk to all these places. We've visited the bars, events, restaurants, and shops, and spoken to the promoters, managers, and employees, learning details and what's happening when and where; information that's not easily or quickly available to a visitor. We've discovered little-known information and spots many visitors miss, since quite a bit is not advertised nor found in any printed books, newspapers, or magazines.

We love this city so much. Our passion is to share the love with you, and our mission is to make sure you don’t miss out on anything and have all the fun without worrying about details.

Unlock the secrets and unleash the magic of this unique gay city with the Gay West Hollywood app.

• Easily locate Gay West Hollywood's bars, shops, restaurants, and coffee shops, all in walking distance. The app contains what’s truly important, avoiding extraneous irrelevant information that isn’t helping streamline your visit.

• Know the popular places to go depending on the night of the week, and which places offer DJs, dancing, drag shows, and go-go dancers. DID YOU KNOW Gay West Hollywood has drag shows 7-Nights-A-Week and more GO-GO dancers per square mile than any other city in the world?

• Which gay nightclubs attract locals from the television and film entertainment industry? Which bars host Lesbian parties? Which bars show sports? Which places are open late after hours when most other places close?

• Easy access to yelp reviews and foursquare checkins if you have an internet connection.

When things change, we'll know. You have our promise this app will be updated frequently.

Wouldn’t it be sad if you missed out on the best things going on in Los Angeles' gayest city because you chose another app with outdated or missing information? There's really no other way to experience the fun of Gay West Hollywood unless you carry our app with you.

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