GeoMe - Geo Messenger

GeoMe - Geo Messenger

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GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger GeoMe - Geo Messenger

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GeoMe is a free app that helps you to share your location with others or ask your friends or relatives for their whereabouts with a single click. The service provides confidential location swap, meaning that only you and your friend/relative will know where you are at any given time.

Staying late at work, or caught up in a traffic jam? The app will help to inform your worrying partner in seconds.
GeoMe is an ideal app for couples. Just install GeoMe on your phone to let your partner know where you are quickly and safely .

No need to be embarrassed next time your wife asks you to pick her up “somewhere downtown” or if you are invited by your friends to a summer house located “somewhere in the country”. No need to send endless text messages or to make calls in order to find the proper route. With our app you will never get lost. Just request your wife’s or friends’ location and show it on a map… quickly, accurately and safely.

GeoMe helps you to save:
● Money, as you don’t need to call or text;

● Time, as it takes a single click to send your location;
● Nerves, as you avoid irrelevant calls in inconvenient places.


● Is it yet another Foursquare clone?
o, GeoMe is a private location-swapping service and Foursquare is a public geo-sharing social platform and game application.

● In what way does the app differ from Google Locator or Apple Find My friends?

GeoMe provides the information only to people you want to share your location with.

● Instant messengers have the same function.
hat’s true, but location sharing via these services is inconvenient as it is just an additional feature which can be difficult to use. GeoMe has been specially designed for location swapping and it takes just a single click to communicate your location. The app also lets you save your favorite venues as "place-marks" and use them to report your location easier and faster.

●How does it differ from Glympse?
eoMe allows you not only to send your location, but also to respond to a location request or request your contact’s whereabouts

●How does GeoMe work out your location?
he location is established via GPS, GSM and WiFi networks. In most cases, accuracy of positioning is sufficient without the GPS involvement.

●Which platforms support GeoMe?
The app is available for Android, iPhone and iPad. It is also possible to exchange locations through the web-version directly from your PC browser.

●What is the battery consumption?

The app does not operate in the background and therefore doesn't wear down the battery

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