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Gianna Miceli is an icon in the beauty business in New York City, having become well known in the tri-state area as a hair extension artist extraordinaire and now a media personality, speaker, author and vegan spokesperson.

Her book Sexy and Fabulous Over 40 is Gianna’s incredible but true account of self discovery and recovery from her most devastating life changing events.

Learn EXACTLY how I went from being a fat, broke, miserable person, to a sexy, successful, and happy entrepreneur after the age of 40:

Destroy unwanted body fat quickly without spending one minute in the gym.
Learn the easy, fool-proof way to break food addiction without dieting
Feel energized like a teenager, including your libido.
Live in a constant state of tantric sensual energy that makes even walking the dog pleasurable.
Walk with a sexy swagger that shows the world you are an amazing Goddess and no longer a doormat.
How to pursue your desires….and much more!

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