GOGO! Champagne Tower

GOGO! Champagne Tower

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Author: heapseed

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GOGO! Champagne Tower GOGO! Champagne Tower GOGO! Champagne Tower GOGO! Champagne Tower

Description for GOGO! Champagne Tower

Meet the number one playboy on the streets of Las Vegas, David Honda. His claim to fame is the Champagne tower, he can stack up any glass to skyscraper proportions!
The girls go absolutely wild for him!

*Game Description
[GOGO! Champagne Tower] is a tower building puzzle game where you stack Champagne glasses with expert timing, one after another. If your balance and timing are off, the tower comes crashing down and the game is over.

Anyone can play this simple tower and falling objects puzzler, which uses only simple and intuitive touch controls.
Become David Honda, and stack up a skyscraper sized Champagne tower!

*How to Play
Place the wobbly Champagne glasses with good timing and build up the tower.
Anyone can play this game, which uses only simple touch controls.

A beautifully stacked tower will yield the highest score!
Stack up the glasses coming one by one, until you've made a skyscraper, and shoot for the high score!




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