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You will be laughing out loud with these hilarious Good Pranks! Make your slumber party into the craziest funny night ever!

Are you running out of Good Pranks to play on your friends?

You don’t have to worry about a thing. Good Pranks will give you so many good pranks that if you can manage to try them all out you will be labeled as the notorious prankster in town. You will be laughing hard the whole night with all the amazing practical jokes in this little, but crazy app.

“So funny, I love the part about the office prank …” – Joe H.

Good Pranks is a cool and funny new app that lists down fun prank ideas to try out with your friends and family.

Have you tried to prank call somebody during a slumber party? I know the feeling that is one neat activity that never fails to give you laughs, just dial a random number and put it on speaker phone then give your cool brand new app a shake and there you go, you have an instant prank idea waiting to be executed. Let your friends hear the funny conversation together with your victim. When you run out of ideas, this wonderful new app Good Pranks will give you the best pranks that are tried and tested.


• Ideas that would test your power of laugh resistance

• Confuse your next victim with some funny spills

• Dare to be the jokester in the party

Countless Ideas

• Even your boss can be a victim

• The mind boggling approach

• What won’t kill them makes them, well…laughable!

Have you ever pulled an amazing prank that was bound to be recorded and remembered by your peers forever? I know you are young and you have a full life ahead of you but when it comes to pranks, you better start early. You don’t want to be forgotten among your peers, or worse, be remembered as the dude with no sense of humor at all. We created this funny app called Good Pranks especially for you, so you know what that means? This is a great opportunity for you!

During slumber parties, you've got the staple and heavily commercial activities like pillow fighting, playing truth or dare games, telling chilling stories, drinking a bit of booze, watching sexy movies and lots lots more, however there's one activity that will certainly create an evening with friends unforgettable and humorous, and that is doing a little pranks on your friends. Even standard individuals have documented pranks and almost everybody has done it in some way or another. This can be the time to boost it to a different level, it is your time to shine and show your comedic side. The examples here are really priceless you’ll be talking regarding it for days to come.

During the course of time, pranks have been called through different words. You have practical jokes, shenanigans, mischievous tricks or gags. The goal of every prank is to make your victim make a fool of them with your scheming. Sometimes causing a kind of discomfort or embarrassment. Pranks don’t really cause a permanent damage on the victims, you have to make sure that when the prank is over, the tomfoolery is over also. You can make your victim feel a little foolish to a certain degree but make sure that the prank will not carry on after it’s done. Pranks are little jokes or gags that we play on the people we know and love, others do it on strangers but you have to be careful with that, some people are not born with a funny bone in their bodies and might take it the wrong way. If you do them right, they could make everyone involved, including the victim laugh so hard.

Download Good Pranks now and find out how to best play a trick on your friends!

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