Gun Shot - Sounds

Gun Shot - Sounds

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Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds Gun Shot - Sounds

Description for Gun Shot - Sounds

You're a fan of shooters? You enjoy the sounds of different firearms?
Then this is the application for you! Here you will find a lot of different sounds of shots starts from a pistols and end of the machine guns sounds.
Catch with surprise your friends with the sounds of weapons! But do not joking with the police...
Good luck!

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Моrе than twenty ringtones of shots from different guns in one application:
- Gun with silencer
- M1 Garand
- M16
- Uzi
- AK-47
- Colt M1911
- Mini gun
- Thompson
- P90
- Desert Eagle
- Shotgun
- Steyr AUG
- Beretta M9
- Mauser C96
- M60
- Sterling L2A3
- Mauser 98k
- Smith & Wesson Model 500
- M14
- Bazooka
- Colt Python
- SVD (Self-loading rifle Dragunov)
- Vintorez (Sniper Rifle Alternate),
- Barrett
- Bomb
- AA-12
- 6 Grenade types

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