Gunners Paradise

Gunners Paradise

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Price: FREE

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Gunners Paradise Gunners Paradise Gunners Paradise Gunners Paradise Gunners Paradise Gunners Paradise

Description for Gunners Paradise

Gunners Paradise is a paradise for gunners because here has a great number of different types and kinds of guns which are from different countries.

This paradise has hand guns or pistols, snipers, sub machine guns and shot guns and so on. It provides you a chance to experience each gun here.

The main features of this app:

1. Different guns from different countries are collected here.

2. You can experience each gun in here.

3. It supports a virtual war which lets you be a soldier to fight with enemies with your gun.

4. The different training modes for you to make you a good gunner.

5. The knowledge of each gun will tell you.

The detailed information of this gun game:

1. All the guns are from powerful military countries and you will see more than fifty different kinds and types of guns.

2. You can experience each gun, before you do this; you must set you mobile phone to make it as a real gun. When you open this app, the system will tell you how to set your mobile phone.

3. After you set your mobile phone, you can choose one gun and then you can use it to hit the targets. When you fire, you will hear the realistic sound effect and the realistic vibration effect. This will let you feel that a real gun is in your hand.

4. The most exciting thing of this paradise is that you can join a real war. In this war, you will have the chance to show your shooting skill. You must know that the precondition is that you are VIP; otherwise, you can get this service.

5. If you feel this app is good, you can share it with your friends and families through Bluetooth, Messaging and Gmail.

6. If you know your gun better, you will get a good result in training and war. This app can connect Google, WiKi and Bing directly to show you the detailed information of each gun.

Gunners Paradise is the dream of many gunners. Though you are a soldier, you may not have this chance to experience so many different guns from different countries. In this paradise, you can use any gun as you like.

Gunners Paradise is installed on your mobile phone so that you can enter this paradise whenever and wherever. If you play CS, you must want to know the feeling of a real gun in hand. Gunners Paradise can let you get that feeling by yourself.

Gunners Paradise is a cool shooting game because it can let you shooting different targets such as moving cars, boats and helicopters which can improve your shooting skill. If you take part in a real war, you will know the importance of shooting skill.

Gunners Paradise will be your paradise as long as you install it on your mobile phone.

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