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Hatune Miku Cosplay Img Search

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Hatune Miku Cosplay Img Search Hatune Miku Cosplay Img Search

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Simple and beautiful! Free of course
It is the application of image retrieval Miku cosplay.
Japan Miku hot topic abroad, of course!
Are also many in the industry by storm game industry is also in the heart of the music industry on the Internet.

This app allows you to search quickly pretty and beautiful image of Hatsune Miku cosplay that.

Improved pinch in/out zoom.Please enjoy to the full the depth of the image that can not be experienced and not zoom.

The original was one of the vocal sound that Yamaha has adopted a "VOCALOID2" was developed on August 31, 2007.
From the viewpoint of the reality to voice giving the body as a singer, the product has been marketed as a virtual idol.
It is said that Character Vocal Series, a first step, Hatsune Miku rushed out into the world as a futuristic concept idle.
Hatsune Miku seems to have been dated, "in the sense of this concept from the" Music comes first from the future "and that is also the origin of the name of Miku (Hatshne Miku).
Currently, mainly on the Internet, which is said to work with more than 100 000 songs are commonplace.
When it comes to your profile to be worried about
Age: 16 years old
Height: 156cm
weight: 42kg

There are also a lot of award-winning, in March of the following year, 2008 released
AMD Excellence Award Award Award The 13th annual content
Free sector Nebula Award 39th
Network Division Award of the 13th Animation Kobe Award
Good Design Award 2008
I have been awarded, and the like.

It is said that a lot has been done as well as live events, a chance to spread abroad
(Summer) Mikufes '09, and is famous thanks Miku day
In 2012 five years after its release, are showing great excitement " Mikupa ♪ "in Hong Kong and Taiwan will be held in October, and will be broadcast live on television.

Representative songs
・ Mikumiku ni siteageru [Siteyanyo]
・ Melt
・ World is Mine
And the like.

As Vocaloid is not only Hatsune Miku.
Even science has been released like that based on that GACKT voice, Kagamine Rin and Len, also Megurine Luka.

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