Help Santa with Ashley

Help Santa with Ashley

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Help Santa with Ashley Help Santa with Ashley Help Santa with Ashley Help Santa with Ashley Help Santa with Ashley

Description for Help Santa with Ashley

Santa and his reindeer are coming! Let Ashley collect as many presents as she can. Throw the gifts to the Elf, Santa’s pretty help will catch them.
Every five collected presents will give you a new, higher bonus level.
Tip: try to hold Santa and his reindeer in the middle by tilting your device. This way you’ll not only get extra scores, but also it is very funny as they move on the snowy landscape!
Enjoy as Ashley catches the presents you are throwing, dances when she caught enough of them. Thanks to the realistic 3D graphics, you can feel as you were there.
Work together with this sporty pretty girl, in the amazing winter forest. Enjoy the life-like appearance and behavior of Santa, the reindeer and Ashley, the exciting game play. Reach high scores on new and new bonus levels, get cool gifts to throw and collect, watch Ashley’s lovely dances when 5 gifts was collected. Learn how much fun this funny holiday job, collecting the presents for Santa, can make!

It is so simple to play it: swipe to throw the gifts. The Elf helps you, showing the best point to throw to. Helping Santa and Ashley gives you scores and let you go to new bonus levels, also Santa and Ashley will be very happy. On new bonus levels you'll get more scores and nice looking holiday presents.
In the meantime, rotate your device to hold Santa and his reindeer on the screen, and enjoy the hundreds of thousands of scores you get for this! Try to put yourself on the World Hi-scores List of “Help Santa with Ashley”!

Happy playing!

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