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Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper

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Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper Hot Janan AV Girl HD Wallpaper

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Basic information
Tianhai wing (Tianhai the つ ば さ \ Amami Tsubasa)

Born: March 8, 1988
Age: 22 years old
Debut Location: Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan
Blood type B
160 cm tall
Measurements 85 - 60 - 88 cm
E-65 cup
54 pounds in weight
Shooting Type: AV
The practitioner term 2009

Simple experience
October 2009 debut 'FIRST IMPRESSION 44'idea pocket. Learned that S1 is no longer hiring new Premium Personnel stable be under pledge Moodyz image of three factors too bad, so Ideapocket become the Group's large new North are the best hair felled: also because of this, so the October Hokuto Group the most high-profile new transit sea the つ ば さ (days HAIYI), will by Ideapocket hair piece.
In fact, right exaggerated one o'clock, this Tianhai つ ば さ (day sea wing) useful likely is the end of the most powerful of the new: In addition to Tianhai つ ば さ (day sea wing) Aisaki sounds used is a "U-su プ レ ア イ ド Hikaru" (role play idol, is dedicated play animation and video games for all camera models do activities like show girl), but more importantly Tianhai the つ ば さ (Tianhai wing) is given the highest の beauty "(best beauty) reputation.
In fact, shouting slogans who will just as I also can say their own is the most handsome house men, just people see will laugh to Daya ─ but this time the Hokuto Group Marketing normalized marketing, but Tianhai つ ば さ (day sea wing) but seems to really have two brush, the film is not on, the day the sea wing early September on the first arrives to open the photo album

Ebisu Muscat members.
Current members
▪ Asami ▪ Aoi true (the head) ▪ small Chuan Ezuo beauty ▪ Nishino Xiang ▪ Hatsune real
▪ Akiho Yoshizawa ▪ Rio ▪ Ando あ い か ▪ Zuo mountain love ▪ Greek Kawasaki Jessica
▪ Sakuragi Rin ▪ Ogura Haruka ▪ Kawamura え the な ▪ Wing love real あ the い ri ▪ Yamaguchi
▪ Hong Cheng ear Aino ▪ ▪ Xizhi Okinawa ri dish ▪ weaving wells away dishes ▪ children Jade Nanako
Ayako ▪ Fauci Natsuki ▪ ▪ Mountain Kuriyama dream clothes ▪ Satomi Yulia
Former member of the
Ru ru の あ ▪ あ ▪ Ami ▪ Siu Zemaliya, Risa ▪ ▪ Xia walnuts young
Of ▪ ShanyuanCamping peach ▪ Vine Pu benefit ▪ Shuiyu, lemon ▪ Mihiro ▪ Hui Jia
▪ holds カ ▪ Momose Megumi stream ▪ chip Gang of さ ki of ▪ Kawamura ri ka ▪ KONAN
Secretary Yuko ▪ ▪ Zhuang Natsumi か ほ ▪ West Park, Wakasugi Shahi, peaches ▪ ▪ Uehara Ka Aila
み Yui ▪ ▪ Misaki see 栞 ▪ Sakurai こ ず え ▪ the Toda pity ▪ ユ リ サ
▪ Tong the original Erika ▪ cherry heart beauty ▪ the Kirino 澪 ▪ Sakura Eri ▪ Li Lin Lili
▪, Ma Qin ▪, excellent Greek Agawa の ぞ み ▪ Chi Tian Xiangsheng sub ▪ Yui Nagase み ▪ Fujisaki あ か ね
And ▪ a true central あ ▪ ▪ Lam Tin Yui ri Yokoyama Miyuki ▪ Sonoda Maki ▪ Tianhai wing
▪ Harada Ming painted ▪ true apricot ▪ For こ と み ▪ source attire Chennai

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