Hot Sensual Massage

Hot Sensual Massage

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Hot Sensual Massage Hot Sensual Massage

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Discover your hands’ power over sexy women, turn a girl on and drive her wild with Hot Sensual Massage!

Do you want to learn the secret and sensual ways of giving an erotic massage to your sexy love?

Sensual massage techniques like the effleurage can be taken from a class in any massage learning center. But why do that when you have an app where you can learn about it all in a fun and unique way? Hot Sensual Massage app is just the right thing for you!

“Really really sexy app. can’t wait to try it out..” – Gary S.

Hot Sensual Massage is not only sexy; it is very informative and fun to do.

In this amazing and super sexy new app, you will learn the essentials when it comes to giving an erotic massage to your sexy friend or your girlfriend. From the initial preparations, to tips on how to set up the mood more, and how to completely seduce your sexy lover with your hands, it is all here, completely detailed and at the same time, naughty, everything you ever wanted rolled inside a little special app just for you.

Grand Master Masseur

• Know the essentials when preparing for a hot and steamy erotic massage session

• Find ways to set the mood and keep your sexy love relaxed

• Learn the techniques and special moves that will make her melt in your hand with pleasure

Simple but Effective

• Little ways to make her want more

• There is a real path for your hands, and it will reach its’ destination

• Knowing the perfect time to make it more than just a massage

If you haven’t tried giving or getting an erotic massage before then you are missing out on a lot. Sensual massage is a great way to build intimacy and sexual connection with your partner. The main essence of giving an erotic massage is to provide pleasure through touching your sexy lover, one person is the giver and the other is the recipient. The idea of giving an erotic massage is not about actual intercourse, it is about seduction, driving your partner wild with lust just by using your hands as a tool to take them to seventh heaven. It’s not as easy as it seems, though erotic massage is a very powerful weapon and I am now handing it to you, the knowledge of seductive massage, the Hot Sensual Massage app.

Getting a massage is fun; you can go to a spa or any other massage parlors out there. But the best thing about getting and giving a massage with someone you know is how you can tweak the boundaries. Since the two of you are in a consensual relationship, the boundaries that apply in usually most professional massage therapists like spas do not apply to erotic massage. You know what that means? You don’t have to worry about touching him or her in places that can be deemed inappropriate. Avoiding intimate areas during a sensual massage will take away the flow of the sexy energies surrounding you. If you are working in a spa, doing skin contact to the inner thighs or chest area can make you face a lawsuit, but when you are doing it on or with someone you are intimate with, like perhaps your sexy girlfriend over there, you can go all out sexy and naughty. It is fun to turn your girlfriend on, but erotic massage takes skill, so it is best to learn the basic massage techniques first to know what actually feels hot and sexy, and relaxing to you special friend.

The power of erotic massage is within your reach, use your hands and get all naughty, download now!

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