How to Kiss a Girl

How to Kiss a Girl

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How to Kiss a Girl How to Kiss a Girl

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Be the sexy beast that you are with How to Kiss a Girl! Your quick guide on how to make a girl beg for more!
“Haha! This little app took away all that awkward moment leading to the kiss whenever I’m on a date, I always go home the winner these days.” – Matt H.
Have you experienced that embarrassing moment when you leaned towards a girl, aiming for a kiss, only to be shrugged off and stared at like you are some kind of weirdo?
How to Kiss a Girl will give you the confidence and the perfect timing to know the right time to pucker up those lips. This is what you need, an awesome crash course on kissing ladies 101.
How to Kiss a Girl lists down everything you need to know on how to make a girl swoon over you right on the first kiss! Discover new moves, learn how to perfect your timing and recognize all the signs your date has been giving you. There is a kiss out there for every situation and all you need to do is click on a button to download this amazing app! Make sure your lips are ready, you’re going to get a lot of smooching from this.
The Right Moment
* Find out her signals
* Read what her body is telling you
* That split second when you have to decide whether to kiss her or not
There are Kinds of Kisses??
* A sweet and sensual kiss that is perfect for stay-at-home date nights
* The most tender gesture you could ever give her
* Be playful and don’t be afraid to play around with some chocolate syrup!

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