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How to Seduce

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Feed your lover with some super sweet seduction and see how perfect your night will be.

Do you feel like you can be better with dealing with women?

There’s no shame in admitting that we are not players, actually you should take pride in that because real lovers don’t play games, they treat women right and they know how to seduce, so if your seduction skills are lacking, I might have the best app for you, it is called How to Seduce, it may just be your one way ticket to a night of romance and hot sex.

“Really helpful tips for a teenager like me.” – Henning W.

How to Seduce is a comprehensive view on how to attract women sexually. These very useful tips can help anyone to be more attractive in the eyes of women.

The easy –to-follow tips are clear and direct to the point, you won’t be needing a dictionary or some ancient manual on how to understand women when you have this app around. All the listed tips are designed to make any girl recognize your efforts, appreciate your concern and give in to your sexual prowess. You’re going to love how effective each of them are, this is perfect for dating and who knows? You might be going home with a new girlfriend tonight.

One Wrong Move

• The things that you should avoid during a date

• Tips that can help you surpass that awkward stage

• How to finally get the “yes”

Levels of Seduction

• The basic but very necessary things to do when with a sexy girl

• Challenge yourself with more provocative tips

• Understanding women in a whole new level

Unless you are an ultra special super power chick magnet robot, there will always be times when you will get nervous to approach sexy women. That nervousness stays during the first date, you act like a buffoon and fiddle with your fingers because first of all, you don’t understand women and second, you are too afraid that if you do something you will look cheesy and get rejected. That’s the thing about women, those wonderful, sexual, beautiful, erotic creatures that filled our heads from the beginning of adolescence, you can never pin point what they want. Being with a sexy girl is thrilling, it’s like an adventure and you always have to be in your best possible state because one false move and you’re going down my brother. In dating, give importance to her body language, it is essential to read what her gestures are saying. In this app, How to Seduce, you will be given a comprehensive advice on how to do that.

Women, let’s talk about the sweet, delicate, fierce creatures. They can drive any man mad, they can toy with you and leave you in a broken heap after she’s done, she can watch you crumble as she destroys you with her mind games. The powerful women can make you expect things, their belief in sex is much different from ours, so how do we understand them? For once, how can guys get the upper hand? No matter how ferocious women are, they are angels when they approve of you. You can only be appealing to them if you know how to seduce them. Sexy women love confident guys, men who can take control and be comforting at the same time, sounds complicated? How to Seduce will help you understand.

Being a nice guy is a good thing but you have to show more depth to your character, sometimes it’s true that good guys finish last. Usually, the good guys are the ones who get stuck in the friend zone, so you would want to avoid that. I am not saying you should be a bad bum douche who treats women like crap, you should be a nice person in and out and know how to seduce at the same time.

How can you seduce a sexy girl? Download How to Seduce now and see the difference!

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