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Before you begin any work Meruredi Telephone Lady Chat Lady? Not it scary? I had a question ... anxiety and
At such time, I made an app I wish I had thought. Doubt and anxiety to the sideline and high-income part-time job of eliminating women here.
We introduce also the information that is useful to know.

To each recruitment site, workers can also be earning more than (... one hundred thousand down month). The apparent the phrase, it also requires reasonable efforts ...
Of course I want a high income business activities and their propaganda ..., appeal, etc. Mr. ensure customer, w is the most carefree if it is about spending money

Even those such as sideline and earn work at home as a sideline, what type of stack is not steadily.
But I've been variously such as Chatore Merlet and was much money will be able to play age and diet of the month you earn in a short time even grab any tips.

■ Q & A Lady Chat anxiolytic

? Eligible to participate. Q1
Women (non-high school students) - 18 years
Camera-equipped mobile phone, smartphone, PC
(The upper limit of age 35 to 40 years until Ranked # different on the site. Roughly)

Job Description. Q2
Male and mail, chat, TEL, work on site to talk by phone TV mobile phone.

?? Q3 is the norm?
There is no quota. Work can begin at any time to log spare time without any schedule submission.

? Line environment for Q4.
At mobile chat cell phone, which is fine if you can connect to the net Sumaho.

More than a site that specializes in broadband and PC.
(Line and broadband refers to the line ADSL, fiber optics, cable TV)

With Q5. Camera

If you do not have a camera to mobile phones, is also possible only in the mail, you will earn a little difficult.

. Adult NG ... But Q6 is

"Non nude site" if an adult were forced
You can work with confidence because there is a lot of support functions and function "kick".

You do not want them to face. Q7 ...

If Chatore of Non nude, has recently become necessary to distinguish it from adult sites Kaodashi.
If the NG Kaodashi, it is recommended to girls chat.

■ to earn in the Chat Girl

? Is unexpectedly large waste of time ... or not quite a child audience even though the wait's regulars.
? Important to ensure the customer's regular fixed-So. Will be stable if possible.

? Make other than a place for live chat with the audience Kominikeshon.
Because features such as blogs and tweets with the contents of the chat site, let's take advantage of well 

Earn efficiently without waiting time. UP's customers secured repeater rate, a new one.
? In addition, you can work happily in the sense that my friends chat and make friends with customers.

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