Hypnosex Program -- Week 1/7

Hypnosex Program -- Week 1/7

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Author: Life Publications

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Hypnosex Program -- Week 1/7 Hypnosex Program -- Week 1/7

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What is the Hypnosex program?
Hypnosex is a revolutionary program...a 7 week self-improvement audio program which shows how to enhance your own personal expression of sexual ecstasy by unlocking the tremendous power of your subconscious mind. This doesn't take hours, it only involves 15 minutes a day of wonderful hypnotic relaxation.

Does it really work?
Yes! -- it does. Your senses can explode with sexual pleasure. You can experience orgasms more intense than you ever thought possible. You can savor a sexual experience that only gets better.

What if I can't be hypnotized?
Most everyone has already been hypnotized and just never realized it. If you have ever "spaced out while watching television and didn't notice that time had passed, then you were hypnotized (if you couldn't remember what you were watching then you were deeply hypnotized). If you have ever been driving and "spaced out" and passed your exit, then you were hypnotized. If you have ever listened to a boring lecture and found your mind drifting off, then you were hypnotized. If you had given your subconscious mind suggestions during that time, then you would have been powerfully influenced. This program is designed with the beginner in mind, and no previous experience with hypnosis is required. If you have a hard time relaxing, this program is for you!

Is this some heavy breathing porno thing?
The HYPNOSEX program is not designed to create a sexual experience while you are listening to the program. Instead, you will learn how to develop and enhance your complete potential for pleasure while having a sexual experience with your partner.

Yes, but am I supposed to get turned on while listening to the tapes?
No, becoming sexually excited is not compatible with a relaxation response. Instead, you will relax and re-program your unconscious to allow you to experience a more intense experience when you have sex.

What if I don't have a sexual partner right now?
Hypnosex will not only increase your sexual responsiveness, it will also increase your pleasure response. This response will occur whether you are having a sexual experience by yourself or if you plan to have sexual partners in the future.

Do both partners need to participate? What if my partner refuses?
This program will intensify the experience of the person using the Hypnosex program whether or not one's partner is participating.

What results can I expect?
You can expect to experience more intense sexual pleasure than you have ever experienced before. Even if you were to try and picture how wonderful you imagine that your sex life could become, your imagination is still limited by the realities that you have already experienced. If you haven't tapped into the potential of your own subconscious mind, then you don't have a good idea about how powerfully positive your sex life can be.
Are there really higher levels of pleasure than those I have already experienced?

YES! Anyone who has not tapped into the power of the subconscious mind does not know the full pleasure that the body and mind can experience.

Can this help if my partner and I have different levels of sexual desire?
The Hypnosex program is especially helpful for couples whose desire level is different. The person with a lower level of desire often has some emotional issues which interfere with the pleasure response. Once these impediments have been removed, the natural pleasure associated with sex returns as does the craving for sex.

Do these tapes contain subliminal messages?
Yes, the message to relax deeply is the only subliminal message on the tapes. This can help you to relax more easily.

How has Hypnosex helped others?
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