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Indian Bis anoaves ther free comic book from the series of our digital comics here at Google Play. If you are a fan of old comic books and graphic novels, then this is the the app for you.

This comic belongs to Golden Age Comics and belongs to public domain. Therefore, it is free and legal to have it on your phone.

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"Indian Braves" was first published, by Ace Magazines, in March 1951. It was a very short lived series ending the same year with issued #4 published in September.
The star of Indian Braves was Green Arrowhead who appeared in all four issues. Indian Braves describes him as a:
'Lone Indian crusader, Green Arrowhead, famed for the keenness and swiftness of his green-tipped arrows of justice.'
Interspersed with the fiction were factual and historical accounts of Native Indians. These included their culture, worship and rituals.
Ace Comics (publishers)
Ace Comics was the banner under which pulp magazine publisher Aaron A. Wyn and his wife Rose Wyn produced comic books between 1940 and the end of 1956. The Wyns had been publishing pulp fiction under the Periodical House and Magazine Publishers names since 1928. Like many comic book publishers of the day, Ace Comics earlier series included costumed superheroes, although as trends in the comic book market changed by the 1950s the focus shifted more to other genres, such as crime, horror, romance, and later, Westerns.
Their most successful, and longest-running, superhero title was Super-Mystery Comics featuring Magno the Magnetic Man and his boy partner Davey, who appeared in 28 issues of the title's 48-issue run. Horror titles included Baffling Mysteries, Hand of Fate and Web of Mystery, while their contribution to the crime comics genre was Crime Must Pay the Penalty (the title later shortened to Penalty for the final two issues). Their longest running series were the company's Romance titles Glamorous Romances, Love At First Sight, Love Experiences and Real Love, which began in the late 1940s as the superhero books faded away, and continued until the company ceased publishing comic books in 1956 as a result of the introduction of the Comics Code Authority. Other long running Romance titles such as Complete Love Magazine and Ten Story Love began as pulp romance titles before switching to comics format in the early 1950s.
Comics Published:

All-Love / All Love Romances ( #26 May 1949 - #32 May 1950) - under Ace Periodicals / Current Books imprint
All-Romances (#1 August 1949 - #6 June 1950) - under AA Wyn / Ace Periodicals imprint
Andy Comics (#20 June 1948 - #21 August 1948) - under Current Publications imprint
Atomic War! (#1 Nov 1952 - #4 April 1953) - under Ace Periodicals / Junior Books imprint
Baffling Mysteries (#5 November 1951 - #26 October 1955) - under Periodical House imprint
Banner Comics (#3 September 1941 - #5 January 1942)
Beyond, The (#1 November 1950 - #30 January 1955)
Captain Courageous Comics (#6 1942) - under Periodical House imprint
Challenge of the Unknown (#6 September 1950)
Complete Love Magazine (v26#2 May 1951 - v32#4 September 1956) - under Ace Periodicals / Periodical House imprint
Crime Must Pay the Penalty (#33 February 1948 (issue #1), #2 June 1948 - #46 1955) - under Current Books imprint
Dotty and Her Boyfriends (#35 June 1948 - #40 May 1949) - under AA Wyn imprint
Ernie Comics (#22 September 1948 - #25 March 1949) - under Current Books imprint
Four Favorites (#1 September 1941 - #32 December 1947)
Four Teeners (#34 April 1948)
Fun Time (#1 Spring 1953 - #4 Winter 1953/4) - under Ace Periodicals imprint

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